BOOK3EXCUSES ARE FOR LOSERS, author, Mr. Chavis, wants you to ask yourself: What can you live with? What can you live without? The choice is yours, but do you really have a choice? It’s about time that men figured out how to even the playing field and learn the ABC’s when it comes to women and their different personalities. Miguel strongly believes that women will always have the upper hand when it comes to relationships, and will continue to have it unless men get together and formulate a new plan of action to rectify the overwhelming dominance women have had over them for decades.

Unlike your typical self-help guide, EXCUSES ARE FOR LOSERS, is candidly descriptive in every sense of the word, using 26 expressive Chapter titles that range from A to Z – Aloof; Belligerent; Cynical; Domineering; Engulfment; Fickle; Garrulous; Haughty; Impulsiveness; Jealousy; Knotty; Leery; Machiavellian; Narcissism; Obstinate; Pompous; Quarrelsome; Resentful; Sociopath; Truculent; Unpredictable; Vague; Worrisome;  Xantippe; Yonderly and Zany.

A real good man ends up picking up the pieces of a woman’s broken heart. Once the pieces are put back together, she has no need for you anymore. That’s the game that women play.  They always have an end game. They never do anything without a reason, and they won’t tell you…. That it’s only for their benefit!