Whether or not you are single, in a relationship, or married, a weak spot for women is in men’s genes, and finding that one perfect woman is always in the back of a man’s mind.  Based on personal experiences, Miguel uses straightforward examples of what a woman does to get what she wants.  He wants men to know, “Women are the great manipulators of the world. They are so much smarter than men. They are always playing chess while men are playing checkers. Men can never see their next move until it’s made, but women see our moves before we ever make them. It is about time that men figure out how to even the playing field and learn the ABC’s when it comes to women and their different personalities, and EXCUSES ARE FOR LOSERS will help you do that”.

cropped-BOOK-PIC-8.jpgEXCUSES ARE FOR LOSERS, author, Miquel Chavis, says, “There have been countless times, when my past flawed relationships, found themselves finding me again, and again. Throughout the 40 plus years of my life, I have experienced so many failures with women that I thought were the ones for me.  Without a doubt, it has made me into the man I am today. The question becomes what kind of man am I today”?  – Miguel Chavis